Acts of Kindness #120-132


Due to some travel, here is the summary of the last two weeks or so:

#119 (3/14) – Treat for dinner. Because nothing tops a dinner out and not having to cook like not having to pay for it either!

#120 (3/15) – Postcards sent for the Ides of March. It’s important to remind our legislators who they work for.

#121 (3/16) – Donation to the Lakota People’s Law Project. The fight for Native rights to clean water and self-determination is not over.

#122 (3/17) – Donation to the Service Women’s Action Network. Working together to support women in the military and change the accepted climate of violence, harassment and assault against women.

#123 (3/18) – Photographed a birthday party.

#124 (3/19) – Left a tip for our hotel housekeeping staff along with a note of support about diversity.

#125 (3/20) – Picked up trash in the desert while we were out photographing the wildflowers.

#126 (3/21) – Donation of books about science and the desert to our local elementary schools.

#127 (3/22) – Donation to Meals on Wheels

#128 (3/23) – Donation to Planned Parenthood

#129 (3/24) – Wrote an email to our congressperson thanking her for her support against “Trumpcare.”

#130 (3/25) – Wrote a note of appreciation for the manager at a hotel we stayed at recently. Our concern was addressed immediately making our stay more comfortable.

#131 (3/26) – Helped an elderly lady put her groceries in her car.

#132 (3/27) – Donation of books about papermaking to our local elementary schools.


Acts of Kindness #113-119

This week’s acts of kindness:

#113 (3/7) – Shared a coupon for Joann’s on my phone with a stranger in line ahead of me (it turns out you’re not supposed to do that and they asked me not to do it again – but I could, just this once…)

#114 (3/8) – Let someone who seemed in a hurry go in front of me at the grocery store line.

#115 (3/9) – Donated to the Grateful Garment Project

#116 (3/10) – Friday mornings are drive thru breakfast day on my way to teach. I bought breakfast for the person behind me in the drive thru line.

#117 (3/11) – Picked up litter at my neighborhood park.

#118 (3/12) – Donated to Planned Parenthood

#119 (3/13) – Designed wedding invitations as a gift.

Kindness Acts #104-112

#104 (2/26) – Took my empty ink cartridges to Staples for recycling. It took a little time and effort, but it’s worth not having them end up in the landfill.

#105 (2/27) – Pulled out carts for other customers. Our local Trader Joes has their carts in an odd formation and often you have to stand and wait while other people get their carts. Today I passed out carts to the people waiting, so we didn’t all have to wait, and then got my own.

#106 (2/28) – Put my change in a donation jar to help Ronald McDonald House.

#107 (3/1) – Donated to Trans Lifeline

#108 (3/2) – Donated to the ACLU

#109 (3/3) – Was patient and reassuring to an employee at a store who was having their first day and was flustered.

#110 (3/4) – Instead of losing my temper with some really bad customer service, I took a deep breath, was patient, and made both of our days less stressful.

#111 (3/5) – Complimented a stranger. A woman in Paper Source today had bold and beautifully done makeup. I thought about complimenting her and then hesitated, what would she care what I thought? Then complimented her anyway. She gave me a big smile and we both left the transaction feeling nice.

#112 (3/6) – Wrote an email to my favorite sports team (The Warriors) asking them to honor International Women’s Day the same way they celebrate Black History Month, Chinese New Year, etc. Reminded them of all the important women without whom there would be no NBA, especially the strong mothers such as KD’s mom, wives and girlfriends who hold everything together while their basketball player is on the road, and all the daughters such as Shaun Livingston’s new Tyler who stand to benefit from equality.

The Rest of the Week (100-103)

I’ve decided to change to once a week blogging about the acts of kindness. We’re still doing them every day, but my current work schedule doesn’t always allow for time to post. More important, I think, to actually do the acts of kindness then worry about when I catalog them. The catalog is more for my own accountability than the idea that anyone reads this. Although if you read this and are inspired to do some acts of kindness, so much the better!

#100 (2/22) – Supported a fellow artist by buying her artwork to use in my activism. St. Brigid Press , ask for the Letterpress Cards for the People’s Voice.

#101 (2/23) – Magazines to the hospital ER waiting room. Remember to cut off your address before you put them out!

#102 (2/24) – Handmade greeting card donation sent to Card Care Connection

# 103 (2/25) – Handmade greeting cards sent to Cards for Hospitalized Kids


81-99 Catch Up

Work deadlines and illness have sidelined the blogging, but not the acts of kindness. Here is an abbreviated version to catch up from February 3rd to today.

81 (2/3)- Help someone with the automated postage machine at the Post Office.

82 (2/4)- Donated to the ACLU

83 (2/5)- Donated to Planned Parenthood

84 (2/6)- Shared my umbrella with a stranger.

85 (2/7) – Let someone go in front of me in the grocery store line.

86 (2/8) – Helped a fellow artist make a sale by directing a potential customer (who I knew would like their style) to their artwork.

87 (2/9)- Mailed a wallet back to a customer who left it.

88 (2/10)- Took care of a sick friend (and ended up getting sick myself, oops!)

89 (2/11)- Bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies and bought another box of Girl Scout Cookies and donate it to our Troops. (We need to stop eating cookies!)

90 (2/12) – Mailed care packages to the kids in college for Valentine’s day.

91 (2/13) – Donated an artists’ book to a fellow artist’s project.

92 (2/14) – Apples for a friend who didn’t have time to go to the grocery store.

93 (2/15) – Donated to the Grateful Garment Project

94 (2/16)-  Donated to the World Wildlife Fund

95 (2/17) – Help rescue a fly-away trampoline.

96 (2/18) – Support a local bookstore and treat a sick little guy to some books.

97 (2/19) – More Girl Scout cookies. These went in the freezer. How do you say no to a Girl Scout in the pouring rain?

98 (2/20) – Returned a movie for a friend.

99 (2/21) – Donated to a fund for a friend’s memorial.


#78, 79 & 80 Catching Up…

#78, 79 and 80…img_7727 I’ve got a big work deadline that has to come first so I’m way behind on posting. Here we go:

#78 (Monday) Relocate a toad who got trapped in our pool skimmer. We took a short drive and relocated him near a local creek. (After a bath to wash off the salt water.)

#79 (Tuesday) Lend a friend some studio tools.

#80 (Wednesday) Buy some girl scout cookies from a savvy salesperson who came to our door.

Actions you can take: be kind to wildlife, lend your things, buy cookies (you can always donate them if you’re avoiding calories…)

#76 Assembly

#76 Friday’s act of kindness was done by my husband, he assembled the bath chair we donated to a local gentleman. It came in a box of many pieces and instead of sending it that way, he took 30 minutes to assemble it into a workable chair.

Action you can take: help someone with assembly. Screwdrivers are painful for older hands.

#75 Help a Stranger with Directions

#75 Thursday’s act of kindness was to help an elderly gentleman to find his doctor’s office at the building where I get my allergy shot. The office numbers are confusing and he seemed really frustrated so I stopped a floor early on the elevator and walked him to the office before continuing on to get my shot.

Action you can take: see someone who looks unsure about where to go? Ask if you can help.

#74 Plug in to your Neighborhood’s Needs

#74 Today’s act of kindness was responding to a post requesting a shower chair for an elderly gentleman in the community. I looked up the price of the chair and it’s in my budget so I went ahead and ordered it for him. I won’t be donating to organizations this week, but I think donating directly to a member of our community is even more important. I also know that caring for an elderly person without the tools to help you can make an already difficult situation even harder.

Action you can take: join community newsgroups, community Facebook groups and community support networks. When you can, help out a neighbor.