#12 SAFEty Pins

november-12-3-of-3#12 You may have seen things going around the internet about wearing a safety-pin. The idea comes from the Netherlands during WWII and most recently Brexit in the UK.

In the United States, the pin now indicates “I wear this safety-pin to show I am a safe place, I will stand up for those who are treated unfairly. I will stand up for the rights of every single person. I will do my best to help.”

There has been a lot of debate about how helpful these are or aren’t. What if people who want to hurt others wear a pin? Isn’t this just a token to make ourselves feel better? We each have to decide for ourselves whether or not to wear a pin and what it means. I certainly wouldn’t take it as the only indicator if a person was friendly or helpful. But, it’s a start. And, even as a token, it means something, if only to the wearer. Personally, when I put it on in the morning I am reminding myself that I’ve made this commitment.

Today I made 6 of these and sent them to people I knew would be proud to wear them.

Action you can take: Dig through your drawer, purse, or car, and find a safety-pin. Think about what it means to you and what you are willing to do to help others.Wear it on your shirt as a symbol of that commitment.


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