#20 Using the Power of the Dollar

#20 Usually I buy products that have Box Tops for Education more on accident than on purpose. But, when I see one, I clip it and save it in a baggy for some of our friends who have a son. The other day they asked if I had 3 to finish out a set. Well, I had 2. So today, when I bought some cereal for my husband I chose a box with a Box Top on it. From now on I’ll make a point to buy General Mills cereal since they’re the brand that have the Box Tops. My husband has always asserted that we have more power with the money we spend than many other ways. I know he’s right, but until the election I’d often been casual about it. Now I’m much more deliberate. Yes, each Box Top is only 10 cents to the school. But the cereals cost the same and every 10 cent donation to the school adds up. And, if Kellogg’s sales go down, perhaps they’ll put Box Tops on their cereals, too.

Action you can take: Save those Box Tops even if you don’t have kids. Give to a neighbor family or drop them by your local school. You wouldn’t throw away a dime, why would you toss the Box Top?


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