#33 Smile at Strangers

#33 One of the challenges of doing 1,517 acts of kindness is the cost. At the beginning, Greg and I agreed on a budget per week to cover donations and miscellaneous expenses like mailing things. Act of Kindness #32 used most of my budget for this week and next week so I’ve got 14 days of free or nearly free activities to come up with. It’s a good thing, really, because it pushes my creativity. Today, as I went grocery shopping, I made a point of catching the eye and smiling at everyone I passed. A few people kept going without any response. Several people looked surprised and then smiled back. One woman smiled back, touched my arm, and said, “Thank you.” Many others just smiled right back.

Action you can take: Smile at others. Did you know just the act of smiling changes your body chemistry? Not only will you benefit, but there is also the benefit of mood contagion. Really.


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