#35 Special Delivery

#35 Both Greg and I had grandmas who believed in volunteering and charitable giving. As a way to honor them, we buy warm clothing, toys, and blankets to donate. It began as shopping on Black Friday as a way to make our charitable dollars go as far as possible. That used to mean long lines, now we do all the shopping from the comfort of our home. To give you some idea, this year we paid about 20 cents on the dollar, so we were able to get five times the amount of blankets that we could have bought if we paid full price. Today I delivered the blankets, gloves, and sweatshirts we bought on Black Friday to donate to a local organization who provides services for families, children, teens and domestic abuse survivors.

Action you can take: next time you’re out shopping the holiday sales pick up an extra blanket, jacket or toy to donate.


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