#61 Help a Stranger (Again)

#61 I’m in art and craft stores a lot right now since I’m buying supplies and doing research for projects. Today I overheard a lady on another aisle who was clearly stressed and a very nice young woman trying to help her. The lady was explaining that her father was in a care home and was unable to do the buttons on his pants anymore. She was trying to decide if he could still do snaps. The young woman, an employee, was very kind but clearly had never cared for an elderly person and didn’t know what to say. I walked around the aisle and apologized for overhearing, but offered the ideas of velcro and of magnetic clasps so there would be no little bits to fiddle with. We spent some time walking around the fabric store and looking at the options. She finally decided on velcro.

Action you can take: share your experiences. You might get rebuffed for overhearing, but in my experience people are appreciative that you care enough to try to help.


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