81-99 Catch Up

Work deadlines and illness have sidelined the blogging, but not the acts of kindness. Here is an abbreviated version to catch up from February 3rd to today.

81 (2/3)- Help someone with the automated postage machine at the Post Office.

82 (2/4)- Donated to the ACLU

83 (2/5)- Donated to Planned Parenthood

84 (2/6)- Shared my umbrella with a stranger.

85 (2/7) – Let someone go in front of me in the grocery store line.

86 (2/8) – Helped a fellow artist make a sale by directing a potential customer (who I knew would like their style) to their artwork.

87 (2/9)- Mailed a wallet back to a customer who left it.

88 (2/10)- Took care of a sick friend (and ended up getting sick myself, oops!)

89 (2/11)- Bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies and bought another box of Girl Scout Cookies and donate it to our Troops. (We need to stop eating cookies!)

90 (2/12) – Mailed care packages to the kids in college for Valentine’s day.

91 (2/13) – Donated an artists’ book to a fellow artist’s project.

92 (2/14) – Apples for a friend who didn’t have time to go to the grocery store.

93 (2/15) – Donated to the Grateful Garment Project

94 (2/16)-  Donated to the World Wildlife Fund

95 (2/17) – Help rescue a fly-away trampoline.

96 (2/18) – Support a local bookstore and treat a sick little guy to some books.

97 (2/19) – More Girl Scout cookies. These went in the freezer. How do you say no to a Girl Scout in the pouring rain?

98 (2/20) – Returned a movie for a friend.

99 (2/21) – Donated to a fund for a friend’s memorial.



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