The Rest of the Week (100-103)

I’ve decided to change to once a week blogging about the acts of kindness. We’re still doing them every day, but my current work schedule doesn’t always allow for time to post. More important, I think, to actually do the acts of kindness then worry about when I catalog them. The catalog is more for my own accountability than the idea that anyone reads this. Although if you read this and are inspired to do some acts of kindness, so much the better!

#100 (2/22) – Supported a fellow artist by buying her artwork to use in my activism. St. Brigid Press , ask for the Letterpress Cards for the People’s Voice.

#101 (2/23) – Magazines to the hospital ER waiting room. Remember to cut off your address before you put them out!

#102 (2/24) – Handmade greeting card donation sent to Card Care Connection

# 103 (2/25) – Handmade greeting cards sent to Cards for Hospitalized Kids



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