Kindness Acts #104-112

#104 (2/26) – Took my empty ink cartridges to Staples for recycling. It took a little time and effort, but it’s worth not having them end up in the landfill.

#105 (2/27) – Pulled out carts for other customers. Our local Trader Joes has their carts in an odd formation and often you have to stand and wait while other people get their carts. Today I passed out carts to the people waiting, so we didn’t all have to wait, and then got my own.

#106 (2/28) – Put my change in a donation jar to help Ronald McDonald House.

#107 (3/1) – Donated to Trans Lifeline

#108 (3/2) – Donated to the ACLU

#109 (3/3) – Was patient and reassuring to an employee at a store who was having their first day and was flustered.

#110 (3/4) – Instead of losing my temper with some really bad customer service, I took a deep breath, was patient, and made both of our days less stressful.

#111 (3/5) – Complimented a stranger. A woman in Paper Source today had bold and beautifully done makeup. I thought about complimenting her and then hesitated, what would she care what I thought? Then complimented her anyway. She gave me a big smile and we both left the transaction feeling nice.

#112 (3/6) – Wrote an email to my favorite sports team (The Warriors) asking them to honor International Women’s Day the same way they celebrate Black History Month, Chinese New Year, etc. Reminded them of all the important women without whom there would be no NBA, especially the strong mothers such as KD’s mom, wives and girlfriends who hold everything together while their basketball player is on the road, and all the daughters such as Shaun Livingston’s new Tyler who stand to benefit from equality.


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