Acts of Kindness #113-119

This week’s acts of kindness:

#113 (3/7) – Shared a coupon for Joann’s on my phone with a stranger in line ahead of me (it turns out you’re not supposed to do that and they asked me not to do it again – but I could, just this once…)

#114 (3/8) – Let someone who seemed in a hurry go in front of me at the grocery store line.

#115 (3/9) – Donated to the Grateful Garment Project

#116 (3/10) – Friday mornings are drive thru breakfast day on my way to teach. I bought breakfast for the person behind me in the drive thru line.

#117 (3/11) – Picked up litter at my neighborhood park.

#118 (3/12) – Donated to Planned Parenthood

#119 (3/13) – Designed wedding invitations as a gift.


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