Acts of Kindness #120-132


Due to some travel, here is the summary of the last two weeks or so:

#119 (3/14) – Treat for dinner. Because nothing tops a dinner out and not having to cook like not having to pay for it either!

#120 (3/15) – Postcards sent for the Ides of March. It’s important to remind our legislators who they work for.

#121 (3/16) – Donation to the Lakota People’s Law Project. The fight for Native rights to clean water and self-determination is not over.

#122 (3/17) – Donation to the Service Women’s Action Network. Working together to support women in the military and change the accepted climate of violence, harassment and assault against women.

#123 (3/18) – Photographed a birthday party.

#124 (3/19) – Left a tip for our hotel housekeeping staff along with a note of support about diversity.

#125 (3/20) – Picked up trash in the desert while we were out photographing the wildflowers.

#126 (3/21) – Donation of books about science and the desert to our local elementary schools.

#127 (3/22) – Donation to Meals on Wheels

#128 (3/23) – Donation to Planned Parenthood

#129 (3/24) – Wrote an email to our congressperson thanking her for her support against “Trumpcare.”

#130 (3/25) – Wrote a note of appreciation for the manager at a hotel we stayed at recently. Our concern was addressed immediately making our stay more comfortable.

#131 (3/26) – Helped an elderly lady put her groceries in her car.

#132 (3/27) – Donation of books about papermaking to our local elementary schools.


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