#73 Extra Politeness

#73 Monday’s act of kindness was watching my tongue and using up an extra few ounces of kindness to a telemarketer. I really hate when they talk so fast and try not to let you interrupt them so you won’t hang up. But, I thought, as she talked as fast as she could, it’s a job and she must need it or she wouldn’t be a telemarketer. So I listened to the end of her spiel, thanked her for the information and wished her a good day. Then I hung up.

Action you can take: remember other people with annoying jobs must need their jobs otherwise why would they do them? Spare a bit of kindness for them.


#72 Change in the Tip Jar

#72 I have to admit, I don’t usually leave change in a tip jar somewhere like a deli. It’s counter service, I don’t really think of that as a tipping situation. But somehow the meaner our legislators seem, the more I seem to find ways to make a tiny difference. So on Sunday at the deli I left our change in the tip jar.

Action you can take: spare some change? Leave it in the tip jar somewhere you wouldn’t usually tip.

#70 Donate to Support Kids

#70 collection-box-1-of-1Friday’s act of kindness was to support kids. Our neighbor came by today with a donation box, his school is collecting to help kids with blood cancers. I was happy to contribute some change, I could tell he was conflicted – glad I donated, but wondering how he could have some of that change for his Lego fund!

Action you can take: Donate your change to charity.

#69 Support the Animals

#69 Since I believe in the overwhelming evidence of Climate Change, and I am concerned with the incoming administration’s stated intent to stop climate change research, today’s act of kindness is supporting the World Wildlife Fund who not only researches and educates on the realities of climate change, but also is working hard to do something about it.

Action you can take: learn the facts about climate change and support organizations who are working to make a difference.

#68 Donate to the ACLU

#68 Since this project of 1,517 Acts of Kindness is my own form of civil disobedience, I’m paying special attention to the “to do” list Mr. Trump has indicated as his priorities when he takes office. Wednesday’s act of kindness was to donate to the ACLU in support of basic human rights for all.

Action you can take: donate to support the continued respect of human rights for all people regardless of race, religion, financial status, sexual orientation…

#67 Compliment Sincerely

#67 Tuesdays’s act of kindness was to find something to compliment about each person I came across. It always seems to surprise people to get a sincere compliment, especially from a stranger. Inevitably it ends in a smile.

Action you can take: take a moment to share a compliment.

#66 Leave Your Change

#66 Monday’s act of kindness was to leave my loose change from each transaction in one of those donation boxes. For example, at McDonald’s to help the Ronald McDonald House.

Action you can take: drop your change in a donation box to make a difference.

#65 Share Your Extras

#65 Today’s act of kindness was to give an extra cooler to a family member instead of them buying a new one. We’ve all got extra things around the house. Rather than store more stuff, donate it to a friend, family member or an organization like Goodwill.

Action you can take: next time a person mentions they’ve misplaced something and need a new one, or they’re going to buy something, consider whether or not you have an extra to spare.